About Regional Council 4




  • Chair: Brian Zahn, Lemmuel Shattuck Hospital
  • Treasurer: David Guiney, Tewksbury Hospital Chair, Unit 7 Representative
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Mulholland, Tewksbury Hospital, Haythorne Unit, DMH, MNA At-Large Board Member


  • Karen Burkart, Labor and Community Organizer
  • Gayle Chandler, Office Manager


Other Members of Regional Council:






  • Andrew Beaver/Kathy Schevis, Salem Hospital Co-Chairs
  • Janice Bacon-Zega, Bridget Davis, Katie Peters, Wilmington School Nurses Co-Chairs
  • Jamie Garvey, Karen Powers, Holy Family Hospital Co-Chairs
  • Susan Hall, Linda Beard, Beverly Hospital Chair
  • Jennifer Sawyer, Methuen School Nurses Chair
  • Jane Emery/Valarie Roderick, Merrimack Valley Hospital Co-Chairs
  • Tracy Fernald, Bedford Public Health Chair
  • Laurie Spheekas, Lynn Morgan-RisacherLawrence General Hospital Co-Chairs
  • Katrina Sullivan, Haverhill School Nurses Chair
  • Leora Ulrich, Gloucester School Nurses Chair
  • Colleen Carbone, Polly McDowell, Anna Jaques Hospital Co-Chairs


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