Regional Council 2 News

Message to Union Supporters of BWH Nurses


A message from the Brigham and Women's Hospital RN Bargaining Committee:

We are incredibly appreciative of the many calls of support from other unions and elected officials. You tell us every day that you stand with us in our fight for a fair contract. Thank you on behalf of the 3,300 MNA RNs of BWH!!!

We have an important vote on June 13. The union membership will make its voice heard – voting to give our committee the authority to call for a one-day strike if management does not fairly settle our contract.

While we exercise our power through our vote, many of you have asked how you can support us. We ask that you visit the hospital Facebook page, “Brigham and Women’s Hospital,” to tell BWH/ Partners HealthCare that you stand with the Brigham nurses. If you can follow that with a call to BWH CEO Betsy Nabel at 617-732-5537, please tell her you support us and that the hospital should reach a fair settlement.

Once we have voted June 13, we will let our members know the outcome and inform all of you. The BWH RN committee will then determine the next steps in communication with our members. We will also keep you updated and share other ways you can help. We welcome you to visit our open website at for ongoing updates.

We watched the solidarity of the Verizon members and know that our fight, like their fight, is part of a much larger battle for respect for those on the front lines. As we said on our picket line, “If nurses are out here, there is something wrong in there!” The 3,300-strong MNA BWH nurses union stands with our 23,000-strong union and with all of you. UNITY is POWER!