Regional Council 1 Philosophy

The MNA, a multipurpose organization for professional nurses, believes that:

Nursing is a humanistic, socially essential service which is goal directed to quality health care for all people and is committed to the development of high standards in education and practice.

In order to influence health care delivery and new dimensions in health care practices, the professional organization focuses on opportunities for participation in professional activities, fostering professional growth, promoting and practicing the economic and general welfare of nurses through collective bargaining, collective action and involvement in the political process.

The organization is committed to promoting availability of health services for all people and accepts the responsibility to function as a consumer advocate in health.

The mission of the MNA, the Association for registered nurses, is to preserve the identity, integrity, and continuity of nursing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Region One, MNA has a Regional Council that consists of an elected council, and includes the Chairs or designee from every MNA bargaining unit in Region One. Region One is a unit of the MNA.

The Regional Council supports the MNA bargaining units, the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation, and MNA PAC in promoting the primary functions of education, political organizing, democratic member involvement, and support for collective bargaining. The Regional Council also promotes education for professional activities, regional coalitions of MNA bargaining units, and general members interested in advocacy. The Regional Council is accountable to the regional membership, and the MNA Board of Directors, and acts in accordance with general MNA policies and bylaws.

The Regional Council meets every second Monday of the month in the Region One office. Region One has several committees that we invite members to join: Education Committee, Finance Committee, History Committee, Legislative Committee, Newsletter Committee, and Scholarship Committee.

Contact the Region One office for more information.

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