Affirmative Action Plan and Position Statement (In Review)

"The concept of representing the profession of nursing requires the organization be available to all it is intended to represent and to be responsive to professional needs consistent with the standards of a pluralistic society."  ~ANA

The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Nurses Association recognizes that when the effect of employment, election and appointment practices, discriminate against any group of people on the basis of race, sex, age, color, creed, handicap, lifestyle, nationality or religion, specific affirmative action must be taken to ensure equal opportunity and to provide equitable remedies for the consequences of present and past discriminatory practices.

The President of the Massachusetts Nurses Association has overall responsibility for ensuring equal opportunity and affirmative action in the Association.  The Executive Director who cooperates with the President in implementing the Affirmative Action Plan has the day-to-day responsibility for the development, coordination and monitoring of the Association's action plan.  The Affirmative Action Committee (see Bylaws) will monitor the implementation of the plan and advise the President and Executive Director in fulfilling the stated activities.

Activities include:

  1. Planning, development and implementing a plan.
  2. Conducting audits of elections, appointments, hiring, promotion patterns and training programs to remove barriers to affirmative action.
  3. Review of Association budget and policies to ensure equal opportunity.
  4. Meeting and discussion with managers in area of affirmative action.
  5. To ensure that Association members and employees are provided with equal opportunity for election, appointment, hiring, training, promotion and transfers.  
  6. Preventing any harassment of members or employees who are placed through affirmative action efforts.
  7. Affirmative action policy discussed in orientation with voluntary membership and employees.
  8. Nondiscrimination clause in all contracts.
  9. ALL communication with public in regard to recruitment, jobs, interviews and employment will emphasize that the agency is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.
  10. Employment and membership applications will include a statement: "An affirmative action/equal opportunity Association."
  11. Efforts will be made in recruitment/outreach for minorities including men as employees and members to elected Office, Cabinets, Councils and Committees.
  12. Networking with community organizations concerned with issues which affect minorities will be established and maintained.
  13. The President of the Association will provide an annual report at September meeting to the Board of Directors on affirmative action for voluntary membership in the Association.
  14. The Executive Director will provide a report at the same meeting for staff.

October 1988
Revised June 1989
Corrected Policy September 1990
Board Approved March 15, 1991