MNA Statement on Abortion

The issue of abortion continues to be an intractable and tragic problem within our society with deep-felt convictions on both sides of the issue. Our membership, reflective of the larger society has not reached a consensus on the moral and legal dimensions raised by the abortion issue. Therefore, "the Massachusetts Nurses Association continues to not have a position on the moral, ethical, and religious controversies related to abortion but the MNA will continue to provide testimony on the patient's right to equal access and quality of health care." The MNA encourages each of its members to exercise their individual rights and responsibilities in resolving this important issue according to their own values, morals and beliefs.

We invite all of our members to join forces and work with us on issues on which we have consensus. Today women and children remain the most vulnerable members of our society. Their lives reflect the persistent unresolved social problems in our society: poverty, housing, hunger, abuse, education, lack of child care and the lack of equal access to health care services across the life span.

At the present time, social policies have failed to meet even minimum standards of justice in their regard.

The MNA representing nurses, dedicated to the improvement of the health of the nation must continue to work with other health care providers, legislators, and members of society to improve the health of women and children in our society.