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MNA Board of Directors Meeting Highlights April 2023


  • After an annual review of the MNA salary scales, the minimum and the maximum for dues calculations will increase effective July 1st . This will result in a dues increase of $30.72 annually or $2.56/month for those at the minimum and an increase of $25.66 annually or $2.14/month for those at the maximum. Health Professionals pay a minimum. The nurses rate is between the minimum rate – the average of Step 1 (for all contracts) for the prior year and the maximum rate that is the average of Step 7 (for all contracts) for the prior year. The rate adjustment is implemented annually in July.
  • The BOD appointed Felicia Daly, a nurse at Brockton Hospital, to the MNA Board of Directors. She will fill the vacant At-Large General seat 2022-2025.
  • Patty Healey, who represents MNA on the MASS-Care Board, requested that we prioritize Medicare For All legislation along with our bills. The BOD voted to make it a collaborative priority moving forward.
  • The Mass AFL asked MNA to endorse their legislation to ensure drivers and delivery workers receive the same protections, wages, rights and benefits that all Massachusetts workers are entitled to under law. The BOD voted to endorse An Act Establishing Protections and Accountability for TNC and DNC Workers, Consumers and Communities (HB 1158/SD 627). It was reported that Mass AFL voted unanimously to support our top three priority bills as well.
  • MNA was alerted to legislation filed by Senator Fattman that would allow EMT Paramedics under certain circumstances to sit for the NCLEX. The Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) is opposed to this legislation. We will be keeping an eye on it as well.
  • The BOD voted to support the workers at Amazon’s KCVG air freight hub (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport) in their organizing drive. Upon assessment of MNA financials, the BOD changed the status of the $25,000 monies given to National Union of Healthcare Workers in California for their strike in September from a loan to a donation as they so generously donated to our members during the St. Vincent’s strike.
  • MNA COMMITTEE VACANCIES: MNA BOD Region 4, Director At-Large General seat and Labor Program Member (HCP); Bylaws Committee (Regions 1 and 3); and Nominations & Elections (Regions 1 and 3). If you are interested in any of these positions, please send in a consent to serve form.
  • SAVE THE DATE: The 2023 MNA Convention will be held at the Quincy Marriott on Wednesday and Thursday, October 11th and 12th.


Thank you, MNA Board of Directors