2013 News

Public Hearing on New Mandatory Overtime Law Set for Friday, April 26 at 9 a.m.


Friday, April 26 AT  9 a.m.
State House, Gardner Auditorium

Special Commission Will Hear Testimony on the Definition of an Emergency Where Mandatory Overtime Could Be Assigned

Save the date and plan to attend a public hearing on the Definition of an Emergency Situation for which hospitals will be allowed to utilize Mandatory Overtime. The Health Policy Commission will be conducting this hearing which will define what an emergency situation is and the rules and guidelines surrounding mandatory overtime. Come and join us on Friday, April 26 at 9 a.m. in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House. Stay tuned for more details!

In August 2012, Governor Patrick signed a bill into law that includes a new provision related to mandatory overtime for hospital nurses. The law prohibits a hospital from requiring a nurse to work mandatory overtime except in the case of an emergency situation where the safety of the patient requires its use and when there is no reasonable alternative. 

The Health Policy Commission, which was established under the law, is charged with developing guidelines and procedures to determine what constitutes an emergency situation for the purposes of allowing mandatory overtime.  In developing those guidelines, the Commission is required to consult with those employees and employers who would be affected by such a policy. 

The Quality Improvement and Patient Protection Committee of the Commission held a special listening session to discuss these issues and to solicit comments in Worcester on February 22.  The MNA presented testimony at that meeting and will be presenting testimony at this hearing before the full Health Policy Commission.    PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE BY JOINING US AT THE HEARING - WEAR YOUR MNA BLUE! 

To learn more about this issue, visit  http://www.massnurses.org/news-and-events/p/openItem/7878