State House of Representatives Votes to Override Governor's Veto, Moves to Save Taunton State, Calls for Study of Mental Health Crisis



Today the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to override Governor Patrick's veto of funds necessary to keep Taunton State Hospital open, and voted to override his veto of an independent study on the mental health needs of Commonwealth residents. 
If the Senate votes to override the vetoes also, then  Taunton State Hospital will remain open with 45 beds, and there will be an independent study of mental health service needs.
Thank you to all the nurses, mental health workers, union members, advocates, and voters who made calls to the legislature over the last two days to make this vote a reality.  And thank you to the House of Representatives for their overwhelming vote on this issue. 
Please thank your House Member for this vote!
Now it's on to the Senate!  If you haven't done so, call your senator today and urge him/her to override the Governor and to save Taunton State Hospital. 
Sample script for  your State Senator. You can reach your State Senator at 617-722-1455:  
"Hello, this is _________ and I am a resident of ___________. I am calling today to ask  Senator _________ to contact the Senate President and ask that an override vote be taken to save Taunton State Hospital and protect the mentally ill in Massachusetts. Thank you."  
To find out who your State Senator and State Representative are, go to http://capwiz.com/massnurses.