2021 Scholarship Recipients

Massachusetts Nurses Foundation: 2021 Scholarship Recipients

The Massachusetts Nurses Foundation Scholarship Committee awards more than $50,000 in scholarships.  We congratulate the following members and children for their accomplishments and continued pursuit of excellence in the health care profession. 

Rosemary Smith Memorial Scholarship

Anna Januskiewicz, Nashoba Valley Medical Center


Jeannine Williams Memorial Scholarship

Ella Whelan, Child of Member from Cambridge Hospital


MNA Member Scholarship

Jacqueline Agranat, Tufts Medical Center

Donna Connaughton, Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital

Julie Cormican, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Melissa Coughlin, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Danielle D'Auteuil, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Hillary Downing, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Anna Januskiewicz, Nashoba Valley Medical Center

Sean Mannion, Carney Hospital

Hannah Mignard, Beverly Hospital

Laura Moloney, Tufts Medical Center

Shannon O'Laughlin, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Haram Park, Tufts Medical Center

Heidi Pfeifer, Mass General Hospital

Jaqueline Rivera, Falmouth Hospital

Rebecca Thomas, UMass Memorial HHH

Kimberly Wall, Tufts Medical Center

Jacquelyne Wilson, Tufts Medical Center


MNA Member’s Child (Parent’s Bargaining Unit)

Erica Anderson, Whidden Hospital

Livia Cormican, Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital

Madeleine Fortier, Noble Hospital

Megan Furtado, Cambridge Health Alliance

Mary Sue Goodick, Good Samaritan Hospital

Emily Kearns, Tufts Medical Center

Felicia Laguerre, Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Emily Martin, Noble Hospital

Heather O'Donnell, Whidden Hospital

Ella Whelan, Cambridge Hospital


Faulkner Hospital – Entry Level Scholarship

Megan Furtado, Cambridge Health Alliance

Emily  Kearns, Tufts Medical Center