2017 Scholarship Recipients

The Massachusetts Nurses Foundation Scholarship Committee congratulates the following members and children for their accomplishments and continued pursuit of excellence in the healthcare profession.

Jeannine Williams Memorial Scholarship

Allison Read, St. Vincent’s Hospital

In Remembrance of Shirley Astle, RN, Associate Director, MNA

Julia Rodriguez, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Rosemary Smith Memorial Scholarship

Ellen Farley, Taunton State Hospital

MNA Member Scholarship

Brenda Baez, Tewksbury Hospital

Edyta Bartoszewska, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Sarah Chu, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Heather Crocker, Faulkner Hospital

Jui Nien Feng, Tufts Medical Center

Joanne Hanson, Falmouth Hospital

Charlene Hollins, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Jillian Kavanagh, Beverly Hospital

Joanne Kingsley, Brockton Hospital

Olivia Mahoney, Tufts Medical Center

Gillian Matos, Tewksbury Hospital

James McCarthy, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Meaghan McCarthy, Faulkner Hospital

Charles McKitrick, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Jason Murphy, Boston Medical Center

Jennifer Paolilli, Tewksbury Hospital

Marlene Putnam, Boston Medical Center

Josette Renda, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Erica Ricci, Faulkner Hospital

Kristen Robishaw, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Sandra Spaulding, Faulkner Hospital

Rita Tarabelli, Boston Medical Center

Stephanie Wilson, Tufts Medical Center

Meigan Young, Faulkner Hospital

Unit 7 - RN Scholarship 

Ellen Farley, Taunton State Hospital

MNA Member’s Child (*MNA Member’s Bargaining Unit)

Analise Arnold, Beverly Hospital

Alexandra Casale, Boston Medical Center

Nicholas DeLeon, Boston Medical Center

Erica Dillon, Tewksbury Hospital

Kevin Driscoll, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Kate Hopper, Berkshire Medical Center

Jessica Martin, Noble Hospital

Kaitlyn McCarthy, Faulkner Hospital

Irina Pfeifer, Tufts Medical Center

Brenna Wall, Tufts Medical Center

Hailey Weber, Newton Wellesley Hospital