Health & Safety Links


Casa Mayrna Vasquez
Dedicated to ending domestic violence in homes, families and communities

CDC spacer

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


District Attorney's Guidebook
Protecting our caregivers from workplace violence. Why the healthcare industry faces increased workplace violence & what can be done to prevent it.


Helping People Lead Healthy Lives In Healthy Communities

DPH Emergency Preparedness
Precautionary measures to be taken


The Federal Emergency Management Agenct


Jane Doe Inc.
The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

Health Administration   Health Administration Project
The Health Administration project is a young informational resource that strives to inform on the topic of health administration and management.

Health Care Without Harm
The Campaign for Environmentally Responsible Health Care


New England Asthma Regional Council
A coalition of public agencies, private organizations and researchers in New England. ARC's members bring the diverse perspectives and resources of health, housing, education, environment, managed care and advocacy organization together to focus on asthma. The Mass. DPH is actively involved in ARC, and Suzanne Condon, Assistant Commissioner at DPH, is a member of the ARC Executive Committee.


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


U.S. Department of Labor
Occupational Safety & Health Administration helps you understand your financial options for long term care

Protecting Our Health
The Collaborative on Health and Our Environment

Protecting Our Health Database
Database with science linking 200 diseases to environmental exposure

  Public Health: Sexual Abuse
These resources should serve as free aids for professionals, students, and individuals dealing with this sobering public health concern

State House
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Write to your legislators to effect change!

Sustainable Hospitals  

Sustainable Hospitals
Providing technical support to the healthcare industry for selecting products and work practices that reduce occupational and environmental hazards, maintain quality patient care, and contain costs.