2022 News

Sign the Petition: Save the North Shore Birth Center at Beverly Hospital!


SIGN THE PETITION TO PROTECT ACCESS TO SAFE, QUALITY BIRTH CENTER CARE ON THE NORTH SHORE: https://www.change.org/p/save-the-north-shore-birth-center-at-beverly-hospital?signed=true

"The announced closure of the North Shore Birth Center is alarming: it ignores all evidence-based practices for maternal health and no other comparable practice exists in our area. We call on Beverly Hospital to reverse this harmful decision. ...
"At a time when women’s rights to bodily autonomy and reproductive health care are being gravely threatened, the hospital’s unilateral decision to close the birth center is truly shocking. It takes away a deeply personal choice for how and where to birth and sets our region’s maternity healthcare options back several decades, disregarding increasing nationwide concerns about the systematic erasure of women’s health care options across the U.S."