An Answer to the Question - "What is the Union Going to Do About This?" We Are Going to Stand Up for Our Practice and Patients on Nov. 8th!



"What is the Union going to do about this?"


I am asked this question often by nurses who are worried, angry and frustrated by managements continued assault on our benefits, staffing cuts and our ability to practice safely and humanely.  My answer includes a reminder that you are the union and we must act together!

Your bargaining committee entered  contract negotiations one year ago.  Our proposals include a single bargaining unit with our University colleagues, a staffing proposal based on the best scientific research, a modest wage increase and to prevent the outsourcing of bargaining unit work.

The management team proposes to reduce our pension, eliminate earned time by 6 days, eliminate the 2:1 draw for personal illness, eliminate the ET spillover into our sick bank, eliminate our self coverage rights, eliminate the language that ensures the charge nurse has a reduced assignment, extend primetime vacation from May 1-Oct 1, and increase our health insurance premiums.  All this after they have posted 90 million in profits over  the last two years!  These takeaways are looming large and are not just going away.

So what are we the Union going to do about this?  Together, on Thursday November 8th form 2-4:30,  come stand as one, nurses from Memorial, Hahnemann and the University campuses and send a powerful message to management loud and clear!  We are one!  We demand safe staffing!  Summertime is primetime!  No cuts to benefits!

"First say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do."  Epictetus

In  Unity,
Colleen Wolfe               Lynne Starbard