MNA/NNU Solidarity Alert! Utility Workers Locked Out at Pilgrim Nuclear Station


Last week the Louisiana-based Entergy Corp., operators of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA, locked out members of Utility Workers Local 369 and currently have replacement workers on shift. Entergy was recently granted the privilege of a 20-year license renewal from federal regulators, enabling the company to profit $1 million per day from the operation of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, and yet the company is shortchanging the workers who know how to operate this 40 year old nuclear power plant and keep the facility safe for the surrounding community.

Entergy is pushing over $1 million in new healthcare costs onto the plant workers, many of whom are already paying nearly $10,000 per year in healthcare, while offering a wage structure that falls well short of cost of living increases. The company is also refusing to adequately staff the plant and hire the workers to run the plant properly. This forces existing workers into dangerously long shifts and ultimately compromises safety at the plant.

How You Can Help: Join members of UWUA Local 369 on the picket line whenever you have some available time.

We will also send out any updates including scheduling of an MNA support event as soon as we have more information but if you have some time available the UWUA workers would appreciate your support.

There are several picketing sites you can go to in Plymouth:

  • Pilgrim Nuclear Station, 600 Rocky Hill Road in Plymouth, MA This site has picketing 24/7
  • The Emergency Off Site Facility which is located on Obery Street across from the Plymouth North High School (41 Obery Street). This facility is near Jordan Hospital. This site has picketing from about 8am to 6pm. There is a parking lot nearby.
  • There is also a picketing site off exit 4 on 3A at the Power House Road access road. This site has picketing from around 8am to about 6pm. There is parking across the street from the access road.

Please call Eileen Norton if you have any questions or to arrange for picket signs. (781.830.5777)