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NCLEX Prep – Discount Code for New Graduate Nurses

MNA Welcomes New Gradate Nurses to the Profession of Nursing!
We acknowledge this has been a challenging year for new nurses, as many of you jumped into the profession early, during your last senior semester to care for COVID Patients.  Studying for the NCLEX Boards while working full or part-time can be problematic and a flexible online review course might better meet your needs.  Your “real-world” experience can make it more difficult to take a “book-world” exam.  Additionally, testing sites have limitations and restrictions requiring candidates to wear a mask during the test.  The NCLEX Preparation experts like Don Anderson, highly recommend you practice taking the online tests while wearing a mask and has included online practice exams in the program.  
MNA is pleased to announce that Test Preparation Specialist and Fitzgerald Health Education Associates have teamed up to offer a discounted rate for their Online NCLEX Preparation Course.    Click on the link below for more information:
The MNA wishes you the best in your preparation for the NCLEX exam.   We offer a host of continuing education program both online and live to assist you in your professional development.
Below is a copy of the information flyer to share: