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Brigham nurse end-of-day negotiation update 6.24.16

From the 17-member Brigham nurse bargaining committee:

Brigham nurses back at the table Saturday, June 25.

“Brigham nurses are trying very hard to work through our key issues. While we have made some progress today, unfortunately the hospital has tied dropping its non-union health insurance proposal to nurses giving up our safe patient care proposals. Nurses want to restore safe nurse staffing for some of our sickest patients in the thoracic step-down unit. We also want to protect patients from potentially harmful mobile alarm systems, such as the devices proposed for NICU babies.

“Brigham nurses are at the bargaining table fighting for safe patient care. Nurses will not give up this fight. Today nurses moved significantly on wages and are seeking a fair settlement. Without a fair agreement that values patients over profits, Brigham nurses are prepared to strike for 24 hours starting Monday morning. In that case, nurses are also ready to return to caring for our patients Tuesday morning. The hospital has threatened to lock out Brigham nurses for four days afterward, jeopardizing patient care with mercenary nurses. Nurses are ready and willing to negotiate on Saturday in the hopes of averting a one-day strike.”

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