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UPDATE Brigham Nurse Negotiations 6.20.16

From the 17-member BWH RN bargaining committee:

Today the 17-member Brigham nurse bargaining committee attempted to reach a fair settlement by making an off-the-record proposal that could have resolved all outstanding issues.

Unfortunately, the hospital and Partners HealthCare still refuses to value patients and nurses over profits. BWH/Partners refuses to provide safe nurse staffing levels for some of the hospital’s sickest patients and refuses to provide equal benefits for every nurse. Every patient deserves safe care and every nurse deserves equal benefits. Billionaire Partners HealthCare is destroying the Brigham Way of excellent patient care in the name of its profit margins. This is why Brigham nurses are prepared to strike. If BWH/Partners does not start valuing patients more than profits, the 3,300 Brigham nurses will strike for 24 hours beginning at 7 a.m. June 27.

The federal mediator ended today’s session shortly before 3 p.m., saying progress was not going to be made. No other negotiating sessions are scheduled.

For more details see this release and also this release.