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UMMMC University Nurses Night Shift Overtime Update

UMMMC University Nurses

Night Shift Overtime Update


We hoped to have the night shift overtime settlement complete, signed and paid out by August and here we are on the first of August and we don’t have a signed agreement as yet.


The MNA and UMMMC have been working on a negotiated settlement for many months. There are a few clarifications that remain to be resolved. We are waiting on the Hospital to confirm our understanding on these points before we can finalize the settlement.  And now to further complicate matters UMMHCS employees including nurses at the University campus have recently received a mailing about a settlement of a class action lawsuit covering the same issue.


Upon learning about this mailing, MNA legal counsel has reached out to the legal counsel for the class and requested information regarding the details of the lawsuit settlement in order that we can better advise our members in this matter.


At this time MNA legal counsel recommends that nurses hold off on opting in to the class action lawsuit until we know more details about the settlement. It is entirely possible that some nurses could receive a larger payout opting in to the class action lawsuit. It is also possible that some nurses could fare worse for opting into the class action lawsuit.


We hope to have further information regarding the terms, calculations and scope in the coming few weeks. We are mindful that the deadline to submit to opt in to the lawsuit is early September and that nurses need additional information in order to make an informed decision by that date. We are scheduling an open meeting to answer questions later this month (date and location to be announced as soon as possible). 


Please be aware that opting in to the class action lawsuit settlement means you are no longer eligible to be part of the MNA night shift overtime settlement payout. 


I understand that many of you are frustrated and your patience has been stretched beyond its limits. This process is at times long and arduous. As always our goal in this and every grievance is to win the best outcome we can achieve for each and every nurse.

In Unity,


Wendy McGill

Associate Director Division of Labor Action