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UMMMC University Nurses Contract Alert! Talks Today Result in No Settlement After Management Walks Out Refuses to Respond

Our One-Day Strike is On For May 23

Talks today failed to result in a settlement of a contract for the University campus nurses, when management walked out of negotiations after refusing to respond to a comprehensive off-the-record proposal we made to settle the contract.  They also informed the mediator that when we strike, they intend to lock all nurses out for the four days following the strike. 
There is a meeting tonight at Coral Seafood to learn more about negotiations and the strike, and we will also be holding a pre-strike rally on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at Coral Seafood. 
You can expect additional emails over the next two days with important information about the strike and lock out.  We are appalled by management’s refusal to negotiate a settlement to this contract, yet we are committed to standing up for patients and our union rights.

Report Unfair Labor Practices to Us

We have heard numerous reports from folks who have previously approved vacation time that overlaps the day of the strike, but have been told by their managers that they will not be paid for their vacation time.  THIS IS A BLATANT VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LABOR LAW AND UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICE.  If you are one of those nurses, please email us or contact a committee member  with the name of your manager and a description of what they told you so that we can pursue a charge against the hospital.  In addition, if you have experienced any other types of threats, harassment or intimidation related to your participation in the strike, please contact a committee member immediately.