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UMMMC Expands its Attack on Nurses

Makes Unilateral Decision to Extend the Night Shift

We Cannot Allow this Violation of Your Union Rights

Management has made a unilateral decision to change the night shift, by extending the night shift by 30 minutes. They had their new anti union lawyer send us a notice announcing that they were changing the night shift some weeks ago. We responded that changing the hours and extending the shift by 30 minutes was a violation of your contract and needed to be negotiated at the bargaining table during this round of contract talks.

UMMMC has insisted that they do not have to bargain with us and will be imposing the changes on our nurses at the end of March. This is the new UMMMC, as they cut staffing, attempt to slash benefits and disrespect their employees without regard for what this means for you and your life.   We cannot allow this to continue.  We must fight back.

So what are we doing? We have told management that they need to bring this issue to the bargaining table and properly negotiate with your elected committee over this important change in night shift working conditions.   We have also filed a class action grievance on behalf of all nurses who work the night shift. Now we need for management to hear from you.

We want all night shift nurses to file a grievance about this change. We will be coming around to all of the floors during your night shift with grievances for you to sign.  If you have any questions, speak to any of the MNA committee members listed on this bulletin. 

We are also investigating and considering other legal actions available to us.  And for those nurses not on the night shift, you need to support your brothers and sisters impacted by this violation of our contract, because the next step for UMMMC could be to extend your shift without negotiation.

An Injury to One Nurse is an Injury to All Nurses
It’s Time to Stand Up and Tell UMMC to
Be Fair to Those Who Care