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UMass Memorial layoffs a concern

UMass Memorial layoffs a concern

Cut more jobs? Why? This is bad decisions from up above, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention the embarrassment, and what’s the result? Cut down on care; lay off employees because we are losing money. So who is going to pay for these backdoor, deceitful decisions? The nurses.

Employees are the ones being punished. Employees who had no input in the decisions that cost the hospital all this money are once again in jeopardy of losing their jobs. They are the scapegoats. The nurses shouldn’t have to suffer for these shady decisions. In the long run, patients will also suffer.

The one who came up with the brainstorm and decided to be deceptive and worked with the Caitlin Raymond International Registry should be fined and reprimanded, if not fired. Why should the employees have to suffer for the bad decisions made by the higher-ups? It’s shameful. UMass paid $50,000 a week for models prancing around to deceive the public, but UMass can’t afford to pay nurses. That just doesn’t sit right with me. How about you? I think the marketing director’s name should be identified. What is he or she ashamed of? Hmm, I wonder. I guess I’d be ashamed too if I were responsible for this scandal.

Let’s lay off the bloated, overpaid pencil pushers who made the careless decision because of their deceitfulness and incompetence.