2015 News

MNA Launches ICU Law Sticker Campaign


As we move forward with our efforts to enforce the new law that establishes safe patient limits of one nurse to one patient in all Mass hospital ICUs, with the option of adding a second patient ONLY if the staff nurses on the unit determine those patients are stable enough to do so, the MNA is launching an "ICU Law Sticker Campaign" that clearly states the intent of this law, which is one nurse for one patient! In the coming days we will be distributing these stickers throughout MNA bargaining units for ICU nurses to wear on a day of their choosing. We are also hoping that nurses on a unit can gather and take a group photo wearing their stickers and send them to us for posting on our MNA Facebook page (please make sure photos are taken when nurses are on their break and don’t take them in patient rooms or near patients).

If you want stickers for your facility or unit, contact your MNA Associate Director, or email Eileen Norton at enorton@mnarn.org. You can also email your group photos to Eileen for posting on our Facebook page.

We also want folks to know that on May 20 the Quality Improvement Committee of the Health Policy Commission is scheduled to release its recommendations for regulations underpinning the new law and the full Commission will vote on the adoption of those regs at their meeting on June 10.

For more information about the ICU Law, go to:  http://www.massnurses.org/legislation-and-politics/safe-patient-limits-in-icus. To view a video of the law’s author, Senator Stanley Rosenberg, clearly stating the law’s intent for a 1:1 standard for ICUs, visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWU7DMmzmaU&feature=youtu.be.