Region One Nurse Newsletter: Summer 2012


Region One Newsletter Summer 2012

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Letter from the Chair
A few months back I was in a meeting and someone wished me and the nurses there “Happy Nurses Day.” Immediately someone said “How come you get a day?
Nurses spend years earning their degrees. Nurses work days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Short staffing, double shifts, mandatory overtime, blizzards and tornados, nurses are on the job taking care of the people coming into this world and the ones on their way out.
So the answer to that question is: Our job includes all that, along with exposure to blood bourn pathogens, violence and bullying, so nurses deserve a day in appreciation of the many ways they impact patient’s lives.

There is a reason there is a Nurses Week - to celebrate both a profession you can be proud of and the difference you make every day.

MNA Region One members have been busy making a difference in our region and across the country. With Labor School, quality CEU programs and convention coming up and being hosted by our region, it's an exciting time for Region One. I’m proud to be a nurse and I’m so proud to be a member of Region One.    

-Chris Folsom, Chair