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Articles from the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter

  • July/August 2012
    MNA/NNU vow to fight for real reform after Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act
  • Feb/March 2012
    Testimony in favor of the Mass. Medicare for All bill
  • August 2011
    Protecting Medicare on its 46th birthday
  • June/July 2011
    Health care costs and the needless attack on public sector employees
  • April 2011
    One Year After PPACA: Time to advance the fight for health care justice
  • February/March 2011
    Top 10 reasons why the health repeal vote is inane
  • January 2011
    What's to come now that Election Day is behind us?
  • November/December 2010
    Mass. MDs snub state’s health reform
  • October 2010
    Fight for a just health care system ongoing at state, federal levels
  • September 2010
    Patient safety and quality of life at stake
  • No article for June - August
  • May 2010
    Quality nurse staffing through single-payer
  • April 2010
    Nurses from California to Maine participate
    in national labor forum
  • March 2010
    Labor Campaign for Single-Payer
  • January/February 2010
    Entrenching the chokehold of insurance giants
  • November/December 2009
    Activists arrested protesting at Cigna Health
  • October 2009
    Health Care for All: It is an MNA goal, it is part of who we are
  • September 2009
    Recent Photos
  • July/August 2009
    UE weighs in on Washington health care proposals
  • June, 2009
    What nurses want for their patients
  • May, 2009
    Reform roundup: support for solid health nurse care reform continues to mushroom
  • April, 2009
    Include single payer in healthcare reform
  • March, 2009
    Single-payer reform: a major economic stimulus
  • February, 2009
    Medicare for All gets big boost in St. Louis
  • January, 2009
    Huge victory for single payer ballot question
  • November/December, 2008
    Massachusetts’ brand of healthcare reform is no model for national single payer
  • October, 2008
    Market-based failure: a second opinion
  • September, 2008
    Most doctors support national health insurance, new study shows
  • July/August, 2008
    And the word for today is: synergy
  • May/June, 2008
    Most doctors support national health insurance, new study shows
  • April, 2008
    A brief history of Mass-Care
  • March, 2008
    USW’s Lynn Williams on Single Payer
  • February, 2008
    Insurers whack elderly to celebrate new year
  • January, 2008
    Healthcare for vets—and all others
  • November/December, 2007
    Easy-to-understand national health insurance
  • October, 2007
    Our stake in rebuilding the health care system
  • September, 2007
    Our stake in rebuilding the health care system
  • July/August, 2007
    MNA testifies before legislative committee in support of single-payer reform
  • June, 2007
    Foundation says state's promise of 'universal' health care has been forgotten
  • May, 2007
    The uninsured will decide what is affordable
  • April, 2007
    Is the health insurance law a success?
  • March, 2007
    Fighting for a single payer system: what we can learn from our neighbors to the north
  • February, 2007
    Health care amendment killed as 101 legislators defy state constitution and SJC
  • January, 2007
    Massachusetts Health Care Trust bill revised for new legislative session
  • November/December, 2006
    MNA and the Medicare for All bill
  • October, 2006
    Definition of ‘affordable’ a key issue in new Mass. health care reform law
  • September, 2006
    Chapter 58: An overview of the state’s health care reform plan
  • July/August, 2006
    Health care plan assigned to Constitutional Convention committee
  • June, 2006
    Activists gather to honor champions, support change
  • May, 2006
    New 'universal' health care bill will disappoint, hurt low-income families, say advocates and policy experts
  • April, 2006
    Shifting paradigms in health care: no place for marketplace thinking
  • March, 2006
    Campaign for health care amendment to state constitution gaining momentum
  • January/February, 2006
    Winning affordable prescription drugs for Massachusetts
  • November/December, 2005
    Eaton takes congressional committee on an RN’s view of health care changes
  • September, 2005
    State House flooded with “health care trust” supporters
  • July/Aug, 2005
    MASS-CARE's single-payer bill is the only one meeting IOM criteria
  • May, 2005
    Sen. Tolman and Rep. Hynes honored at annual Dr. Benjamin Gill awards
  • April, 2005
    Further evidence that employer-based health insurance has failed
  • March, 2005
    Medical conditions contributed to half of bankruptcies in 2001, study says
  • January/February, 2005
    As policy makers put universal health care on the front burner, single payer approach is the best road to success
  • November/December, 2004
    Study shows $245 billion savings from cutting insurance and drug waste
  • October, 2004
    Incremental approaches to solving the health care crisis won’t work
  • September, 2004
    Sen. Tolman: an outstanding leader on single payer health care
    Note: This issue had a run-over story, click here for page 9
  • August, 2004
    Voices of concern for health care security: bridge the gap
  • June/July, 2004
    Insuring America's health: principles and recommendations
  • April, 2004
    MASS-CARE celebrates as Health Care Committee passes language specific to S.686
  • March, 2004
    Insuring America’s health: Highlights from the January 2004 report from the Institute of Medicine
  • January/February, 2004
    Update on S.686 and the future of single-payer health care in Massachusetts
  • November/December, 2003
    Advocates for single-payer health care swarm Statehouse at Oct. 8 hearing
  • October, 2003
    Executive summary: proposal of the physicians’ working group for single-payer national health insurance
  • September, 2003
    Hearing and Lobby Day on Oct. 8 for the Massachusetts Health Care Trust
  • August, 2003
    A single-payer system: what’s in it for the business community
  • June/July, 2003
    Single payer agenda advances in New England
  • May, 2003
    MNA will join thousands of workers for Health Care Action Day on June 5
  • April, 2003
    Why are we cutting Medicaid and wasting $16 billion of ‘health care’ dollars


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