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Q. How do I join the MNA?

A.Please visit our Join MNA page or call the MNA Division of Membership at 781.821.4625 or e-mail your name and address to


Q. What are the different payment options for membership dues?


Dues may be paid via:

  • Direct payment –
    • Annual – billed annually
    • Installments -- billed 3 times per year (4month each)
    • Monthly – automatic payment via bank draft or credit card.


Q. How do I qualify for reduced membership rate?


Reduced membership is available for individuals who fall into the following categories:

  • Full time student (minimum 12 credits undergrad or 9credits graduate students)*
  • New graduate from basic nursing education program (who joins within 6 months of graduation)*
  • Not employed
  • Retired (not employed)
  • Age 62 or over not earning more than social security allows without tax penalty
  • Age 62 or over and not employed (Special Membership)*
  • Special reduced dues category for per diems paid for less than 988 hours in the previous year.* -requires annual application (applications are available as of January 1st any given year, and must be received by April 1st.)
  • Full dues paying MNA member for 40 consecutive years

*Documentation may be required.


Q. How do I change to a new account number for a monthly bank draft (EFT) or credit card?


For automatic bank draft or EFT please fax or mail a copy of a voided check from the new account to 781.821.4445, mail to Massachusetts Nurses Association, 340 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021, or email to

For automatic credit card please call the MNA Division of Membership at 781.830.5726.

Please make changes by the 10th of the month for processing in that month.


Q. What happens once my application and payment is received and processed?


About 4-6 weeks after application is processed you will receive a welcome packet and a membership card (mailed separately) which will also include your MNA email, username and password.

Your MNA username and password gives you access to the members’ only section of the MNA webpage. This allows you to access to your MNA contract, as well as the contracts for all MNA bargaining unit contract. You also have access to the discount codes for all MNA (non-contractual benefits and discounts).

Each member is assigned an MNA email address. Once you have logged on to your individual member landing page, you can access your MNA “webmail”. You can also set up your MNA webmail to forward to your home email address.  Please contact the Division of Membership if you need assistance.

Q. What are local bargaining unit dues?

A.Local bargaining unit dues are additional fees agreed to and collected by some bargaining units (facilities/groups covered by MNA contracts) for use by the members of the bargaining unit and must be added to MNA dues amount.


Q. How do I know if my local bargaining unit (facility) requires local unit dues?

A.Please see the dues guide chart or contact the Division of Membership at 781.821.4625 to find out if your facility has additional local unit dues.


Q. I've misplaced my membership card, how can I obtain a new one?

A.You may email or call 781.830.5726 and and request a duplicate card.


Q. What do I do if I have not been receiving the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter or other MNA mailings?

A.Contact the Member Services Department at 781.830.5726 or e-mail us at to check your membership record as well as verify your mailing address.

You can also view the MNA Newsletters archived on the MNA webpage.


Q. What is the difference between full membership, agency service fee, and associate membership?



  • Full membership: You are a member of the collective bargaining unit at facility covered by an MNA contract, and also a member of MNA. Full members can vote on contract issues, participate on bargaining unit committees and have access to all MNA membership benefits, including free CE and other non-contractual MNA member discounts. A nurse who is not employed at a facility not covered by and MNA contract may also opt to join MNA as a full member of the professional association. This nurse has full access to all non-contractual benefits.  MNa member benefits
  • Agency fee: If you are employed at a facility where there is a collective bargaining agreement (contract) between the employer and the MNA, you are required to either join the MNA as a member or pay an agency fee (covers contract enforcement and negotiated contract benefits), as a condition of employment. Agency fee payers are covered by their respective contract but are not considered members of MNA. Agency fee payers do not have access to any MNA membership benefits. At most facilities, agency fee payers have no voting rights and cannot participate as officers.
  • Associate membership: Any registered nurse who works in an area not covered by an MNA collective bargaining agreement (contract) can join as an associate member. You will receive a membership card, Mass Nurse Newsletter and can be appointed to any congress, committee, or task force, and may take advantage of MNA’s free CE programs. You, however, cannot vote on issues or serve as an officer or on the Board of Directors or run for an MNA office.


Q. I am going on a leave of absence, do I need to pay dues? (Also applies to workers compensation, disability leave and industrial accident).


Yes. If you are on a leave of absence* from work you qualify for a member discount. You must notify the Division of Membership at 781.821.4625 or e-mail before or once you begin your leave of absence. At that time we will adjust your membership dues and your dues will be charged are the reduced rate for the term of your leave.

*Documentation is required


Q. Why did I get a bill for dues...I thought dues were deducted from my paycheck, monthly draft (EFT) or credit card?

A.If your employer fails to withdraw an authorized deduction, or the automatic monthly credit card or Electronic Funds you’ve authorized MNA to deduct is declined or rejected for insufficient funds. You will be billed for the missed deductions.


Q. What happens to my membership if I leave my bargaining unit?

A.Many members have benefits outside of the contract, such as mortgage, phone and other discounts as well as free CE, linked to their MNA membership. We will not discontinue your MNA membership unless we hear from you the member directly to do so.


Q. Are my membership dues tax deductible?


A portion of membership dues are tax deductible. Federal law disallows the portion of your membership dues used for lobbying expenses. This portion is published every year in the Massachusetts Nurse Newsletter. Please consult your professional tax preparation advisor for additional questions or call the MNA at 781.821.4625.

The percentage of MNA dues that may not be deducted from federal income taxes is currently 5.0%.



Q. How do I join the Massachusetts Student Nurses Association (MaSNA) or National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)?

Please visit the MaSNA or NSNA Web sites.


Q. How do I obtain MNA discount information?


Discounts are available to MNA members who are in good standing. You may visit our discount page. You will need to log into the members’ only section of the MNA webpage to see full details about member benefits.

Please contact the Division of Member Services at 781.821.4625 or if you need assistance logging in.

 For questions related to benefits call 781.830.5726.


Q. How do I order movie passes at the discounted rate?

A.Discount movie passes are available for Showcase, AMC, Rave, and Regal Theatres. For passes or information call 781.830.5726.


Q. Does MNA offer liability insurance?

A.The Massachusetts Nurses Association recommends the Nurses Service Organization (NSO) for liability insurance. Visit their Web site at You may also contact them at 800.247.1500.


Q. Are scholarships available to MNA members?

A.Scholarships are available though the Massachusetts Nurses Foundation for members who are pursuing their baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree. Vist our Scholarship section for more information.


Q. How can I be appointed to an MNA group, congress, committee, district or task force?

Visit our Elections and Appointments to MNA Offices section.


Q. How can I be elected to an MNA office?

A.MNA elected offices are posted for the upcoming election in the Massachusetts Nurse and on our Web site between January and May. To be elected you must print out and complete the Consent to Serve form and return to the MNA at 340 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021, fax 781.821.4445 email by the postmarked deadline. Visit our elections section for more information. For questions please contact the Director of Membership at 781.830.5741.