2016 Awards Letter of Support

I am interested in submitting for consideration by the MNA Awards Committee the name of the individual indicated below for one of the following awards.

NOTE: The entire form must be completed and submitted in one session; you cannot save a partially completed form.

Please contact Liz Chmielinski in the Division of Nursing at 781.830.5719 or EChmielinski@mnarn.org to confirm receipt of your letter of support.

  Elaine Cooney Labor Relations Award   Kathryn McGinn Cutler Advocate for Health and Safety Award
  MNA Human Needs Service Award   MNA Research Award
  MNA Image of the Professional Nurse Award   MNA Judith Shindul Rothschild Award
  MNA Advocate for Nursing Award   MNA Bargaining Unit Rookie of the Year Award
  MNA Nursing Education Award
  • Professional Nursing Education
  • Continuing Education/Staff Development
  MNA Excellence in Nursing Practice Award
Retired MNA Member Award
  Doris Gagne Addictions Nursing Award   MNA Mentor Award

Nominees for all but the Advocate for Nursing Award, the Kathryn McGinn Cutler Advocate for Health and Safety Award, and the Human Needs Service Award must be MNA members.

Please do not abbreviate:

Name of Nominee  
MNA Membership #  
Home Phone  
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Please cut and paste a letter of support from an individual (other than the nominator) or structural unit giving examples of how the nominee meets the award criteria.  (Please limit to 150 words).


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